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At COSTAMED, we take great pride in providing our patients with unparalleled healthcare services. We’re confident that COSTAMED provides the best value and is the best choice for your medical care. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with COSTAMED.

My husband Benjamin Fred Christian, became ill on a RC cruise recently. Had to be taken by ambulance to CMC on 1/12/18. We were both devasted and even more so when we were told we could not return to ship and had to be admitted. We were in totally unfamiliar country and did not know what to expect. I was almost hysterical and in walks Andrea Sekula. She was amazing and somehow managed to calm me down. She along with all of her staff were such a huge part of turning this frightening situation into a much more tolerable one. Andrea and Mr Casanova were there for us what ever we needed and answering our many questions. Mr C. Took me to the Baldwin House and helped in so many ways. The entire patient care team as well as the entire hospital staff and doctors were so attentive, patient with us and so very sweet and professional. The hospital was amazingly clean. My husband improved and we were allowed to fly home on the following Tuesday.
He is doing
well and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the medical care as well as the personal assistance we received in your facility

Sandra christian

A big thank you to the staff at Costamed in Cozumel. We were whisked off a cruise ship with a medical emergency that generally requires 3-4 days stay in an ICU. The competence and caring of the staff in the Emergency Room was wonderful. The facility was clean and inspired confidence as well. I work in healthcare in the United States and can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with the knowledge and the care staff provided.

Michael Deitschmann

crystal ting

Words cannot express the sheer amount of gratitude that my family and I have for the hospital staff at CostaMed in Cozumel.  Thanks to CostaMed’s state of the art facilities and caring, competent medical staff, what started as a nightmare vacation became a memory my family and I will appreciate for the rest of our lives.

During our stay at Cozumel, my sister suffered a severe head injury and was promptly transported to CostaMed’s facility.  While my sister seemed to be suffering from a concussion, it was only due to the astute observations of the ER staff that we discovered that a large subdural hematoma had formed within her skull.  Time was of the essence, and the Hospital’s on-call neurosurgeon, the only full-time neurosurgeon on staff for the island of Cozumel. We are so ever grateful that the Park Royal Hotel ensured we were sent to Costamed, as every minute is critical for a head injury patient. We cannot imagine what Crystal would be like today if we did not have the availability of Dr.  Joel Rodriguez, who was able to operate on her immediately.  Had it not been for the experience and know-how of the ER nursing staff as well as Dr. Alcazar and Dr. Roberto Castillo, the precious time would’ve been wasted and a bad situation would have quickly become a nightmare.

My family and I visited my sister in the ICU many times throughout the following days and were ecstatic at the care and attention she received during her recovery there.  While I myself may have been a bit difficult, the nursing staff, Dr. Karla Reyes, and Dr. Oscar Reyes were always patient and willing to walk us through all of my stupid questions with clarity and confidence.

When my sister was finally allowed to leave the ICU, we were given access to a private room.  The accommodations were clean and comfortable, and a nurse was on staff 24 hours a day to monitor my sister.  Throughout the rest of our time at the hospital, Dr. Carlos Moguel (the hospital’s psychiatrist) explained in great detail (I feel like I learned a semester’s worth of Psych 101) of what complications my sister might face in the coming months as well as an in-depth examination of all the medication she was on.  The doctor’s at Cozumel seems to truly care for their patients and will only prescribe what is needed.

Empathy is the word that keeps coming to my head when reliving my time at Cozumel.  It was apparent that the doctors, nurses, and staff at Cozumel genuinely cared about their craft, patients, and even spectators like myself.  Every day, the doctor’s that had attended to my sister would drop in to give us updates and make sure she was doing well.  Not once did we feel slighted, or angry at the CostaMed staff.

Many thanks to all the aforementioned doctors and nursing staff.  It was truly serendipitous that my family encountered such an amazing group of people in such trying times!

Special thanks go out to Andrea Sekula, the International Patient Liaison, as well as Karen Gonzalez the patient services manager, and her associate Almendra Romero in patient services.  Thanks also to Casanova for keeping me sane throughout this ordeal.


Kevin Ting

Seattle, Washington

Just wanted to drop a line to say how appreciative I am for the care I received with you and your group of pros. Can’t tell you how good it was to hear your voice when I was wheeled in. And to discover you were from Vancouver was too much!

Years ago I had a heart attack in Manzanillo and was rushed to Guadalajara. I received excellent care there as well however almost no one spoke English. Your hospital made a very wise decision hiring someone like you to greet incoming English speaking patients. My worry level took an instant dive after speaking with you.

Please say hi to all and thank everyone for the friendly and exceptional care I was given. Am home now and feeling much better.

Cheers to everyone!

Ed Holden
White Rock BC 

I have never had such good care as I had here at Costamed hospital in Cozumel. The care doesn’t even compare to Georgetown University Hospital, or Johns Hopkins which I have been hospitalized at both within the last year and this hospital was absolutely immaculate in comparison.

The attention and care by the entire staff were remarkable, the attention by the nurses is not something that I have ever experienced in any other hospital. Not that I ever imagined having my birthday in a Mexican hospital, but it was just about the best darn birthday I ever had!

Dr. Flores my orthopedic specialist, was very thorough and very attentive and was able to diagnose me which the physicians in the Richmond Virginia hospital failed to do so before I boarded the cruise ship with my family.

With Andrea the international patient liaison we were able to keep in touch with all my family members on a daily basis which was invaluable to myself and my family. I also very much appreciated my daily visits from patient services. I dearly appreciated also the visits from Mr. Casanova.

I will truly miss everybody I met.


Mary Dillard

mary dillard birthdayMary Dillard Don T y David mary dillard y Dr. flores GUIA PARA PACIENTES 03

When my husband became seriously ill while on our Disney Cruise ship vacation, we were told we would have to be taken to a hospital in Cozumel by ambulance. This was an extremely overwhelming idea to myself and my family to be sent to a hospital in Mexico.

When we arrived at Costamed Hospital, they took immediate care of John and comforted me, also informing me at all times what was going on. Andrea and Karen and Casanova were a great comfort to family and myself. I was very amazed how the doctors gave such good one on one care to my husband, and my family, right down to even taking us to the radiology department to explain the images of my husband’s CT scan showing the pneumonia he was suffering from.

The hospital is totally clean, neat, modern and very well maintained. The nursing staff is excellent, everybody has gone out of their way and beyond to comfort and make sure all was going well during our stay. We would like to make also a special mention also of the care respiratory therapist Lalo provided to John.

Dr. Castillo my husband’s treating physician and Dr. Reyes while he was in ICU, were both fabulous and their professionalism was top notch, we never had to wait to know what was going on.

We both recommend not to worry if you become ill while on a cruise, or vacation in Cozumel and to please know you are in the very best hands at Costamed Hospital.

John and Janet

Enfield, Connecticut



When I started having signs and symptoms of decompression illness about 1 hour after finishing diving, my wife was very apprehensive to attend a hospital in Mexico, but finally the decision was made by my two physician sons in the USA and they  said I must go to a hospital, so our next step was to call DAN (Divers Alert Network). Scott Smith of DAN was extremely helpful and informative! He directed us to go straight to Costamed Hospital, the DAN preferred provider in Cozumel.

Upon arrival to Costamed hospital, I was admitted immediately without ZERO delays, which we would have never experienced in the United States. Dr. Dario Gomez attended to us immediately and after a very thorough assessment admitted me to the hyperbaric chamber for my first 5 hour treatment and admitted me overnight for observation. The next morning, I was assessed very early and readmitted to the hyperbaric chamber for a second shorter treatment duration. Afterwards, I was assessed and was able to be discharged back to my hotel.

My wife and I must mention the warm, attentive, efficient staff and highly competent level of care and English were beyond our expectations.

We highly recommend Costamed Hospital and hyperbaric services for any medical needs while in Cozumel! The care is just as good, if not better than anything we have received in the State of California.

Dr. Walter and Meg Thomas

San Diego, California

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-27 at 11.16.32

Erin Jelke

A family vacation in Cozumel, Mexico gone awry has left a life-long impact on one Cascade family’s lives, leaving them inspired to raise funds and awareness as a result of their experience.

Erin Jelke, now 24 years old, suffered a stroke at 23 while vacationing at their family timeshare in Cozumel in March with her mother, Diane Jelke. Their father had planned to join them but was unable to due to a death in the family.

The stroke had originally left the entire right side of her body paralyzed, but thanks to help from doctors and modern technology at Costamed, a hospital in Cozumel, they were able to reverse the paralysis and, aside from affecting her penmanship, she was able to make a full recovery.

“That whole hospital was very invested in Erin, making sure she got better,” Jelke said. “We are in forever debt to that hospital.”

Jelke called an ambulance and as they were in Mexico, the medical professionals did not speak English. She said that neighbors had advised her to go to the hospital, Costamed, as it is contracted by all the cruise lines throughout the Caribbean.

After some arguing, Jelke finally convinced ambulance personnel to take her daughter to the hospital she requested. All the doctors at Costamed are trained in America and speak English, which made it easier for Jelke to communicate.
Erin Jelke remained in the hospital in Cozumel for four days. When she returned to the United States, she had two more procedures at the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center.

Jelke’s mother felt so thankful for the medical attention they received in Mexico, she wanted to do something to give back.

Originally, Jelke and her daughter were planning to attend a stroke walk in Cincinnati and attempted to get their entire family involved.

As person by person dropped out of going, Jelke made the decision to bring the walk to them for the inaugural “Erin’s Walk in the Park.”

The 5K walk took place at Cascade Park on Sunday, Sept. 17. Jelke spent about six weeks planning the event and the family was able to bring in sponsors, donors and more than 100 participants in the walk.

“It meant a lot to us to see the people who all came out,” Jelke said.

The Jelkes were able to raise nearly $2,600 for the National Stroke Association but more importantly for Diane Jelke, they were able to raise awareness about the symptoms of a stroke.

“I sat across from her, I watched her have a stroke,” Jelke said. “My first thought was ‘That’s what someone looks like when they’re having a stroke.’ My second thought was ‘She’s 23, she can’t be having a stroke.'”
Jelke stressed that despite the fact that her daughter was an athlete and the “picture of health,” anyone can fall victim to a stroke.

“This is something that’s really important…People need to know the symptoms,” she said.

Jelke hopes to host another walk next year and plans to visit Costamed in December with her daughter to bring them shirts from the walk with the hospital’s name on the back.

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