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At COSTAMED, we take great pride in providing our patients with unparalleled healthcare services. We’re confident that COSTAMED provides the best value and is the best choice for your medical care. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with COSTAMED.

This message is well overdue but I wanted to send a very well deserved note of recognition for the fine people at Costa Med.  My brother and I were on a family cruise with our family and parents this past Thanksgiving on Freedom of the Seas.  What was supposed to be a magical week turned into a nightmare when my mom began having stroke like symptoms.  On Wed morning, we took her to the infirmary and the doctor ordered her to the local hospital in Cozumel.  You can imagine how incredibly frightening and unnerving this was for all of us.  We were in a foreign country with many fears of the quality of care we would encounter at the hospital, how long would we be there, and when would we be able to reunite with the rest of our family.


My brother and I accompanied mom in the ambulance to Costa Med.  Little did we know that this hospital was the main receiving hospital for the cruise ships.  Once we arrived, one of the first people we spoke with was Andrea Sekula.  I could not put enough words into this message to compliment her enough for how phenomenal she was.  She was commanding amongst the chaos yet sympathetic to our situation and overall, just made us feel very comfortable with what was happening.  She is fantastic at what she does in so many ways and would be a steal for any hospital in the US.  She is quite an asset to your team.


We also worked with Karen Gonzalez and her partner in Patient Services.  Wow, they were so caring and accommodating and did whatever they could to make our stay and the logistics behind our travels to be a smooth as possible.  I was blown away by their concern and commitment to helping us.  In addition, not sure if Tranquilino is a part of that same group, but he deserves as much recognition as anyone.  What a fantastic human being who showed us nothing but care and concern the entire 3 days we were there.  He is who I would want interacting with my customers.


I must also compliment Dr. Moguel, Dr. Rodriguez, and Dr Ulises.  I felt at times that the level of knowledge and expertise these doctors displayed rivaled that of any hospital in the US.  I was especially impressed with Dr. Moguel and his passion for cardiology and the stories he shared about his career and the innovative procedures he brought to healthcare.  I would feel extremely comfortable if he was the only thing that stood between me and death.  I’d like my chances!


Costa Med has a very good thing going.  All of these folks deserve recognition and I ask that you continue to invest in your people and facilities so that families, like mine, who have the unfortunate reality of something like this happening will have the pleasant surprise of the care, compassion, and expertise that lies beyond the doors at Costa Med.


With much appreciation,

John Caruso

Pittsburgh, PA

To The Staff at Costamed: 

What a wonderful, caring and educated staff at Costamed Hospital! In January, 2015, the man I was 
dating, Randy Baker, suffered three massive heart attacks on a Princess cruise in the middle of the Gulf 
of Mexico.  While the ship was being diverted to Cozumel, Dr. Moguel with Costamed, provided orders via 
internet that helped provide the critical and intensive care that was needed to sustain his life while still on 
the cruise ship.  
Once arriving in Cozumel on life support, the winded international patient liaison, Andrea Sekula, whom 
had run from her home to the hospital when she heard the Code 3 coming in, Dr. Moguel, who is by far 
the best cardiologist in the world, Dr. Orobio (ER doc) all waiting, took charge and had Randy to the cath 
lab within 10 minutes. With tears flowing, phone calls coming in from Randy’s family in the States I 
waited. Dr. Moguel opened up his LAD, still 100% blocked even though they tried to thrombolyze him on 
the ship.  Dr. Rubio, the anesthesiologist was exhausted from ambu-bagging Randy through the whole 
procedure to keep his 02 saturation up. He was finally stabilized once they were able to transfer him to 
the ICU and placed on their modified ventilator. Dr. Reyes, who spent many nights sleeping in ICU with 
Randy and other wonderful physicians and staff that provided critical and excellent care needed over the 
course of ten days that resulted in saving Randy’s life. Randy had aspirated during the intubation on the 
ship, which was the biggest problem. They were fighting pneumonia and with having only one kidney, it 
took a large hit from such low blood pressure for so long. 
Those ten days were some of the most intense and stressful days that his children and I have ever gone 
through. However, without a doubt, we feel that Randy would not have lived if this would have happened 
at any other place, including the U.S. hospitals. Dr. Moguel used an instrument to place the stents in 
Randy that had not been approved in the U.S. at that time. This probably saved his life. The staff 
communicated with us regularly and continuously gave detailed information of what was going on and 
what to expect in the upcoming days. The physicians and nurses never left Randy’s side and provided the 
most outstanding individualized care. Once Randy was stable enough to be air ambulanced back to the 
U.S., Dr. Reyes did everything possible to make sure the transition went smoothly and that Randy’s 
health status was communicated properly. Once arriving in the U.S., Dr. Reyes, Dr. Moguel and Andrea 
kept in touch with us on Randy’s progress. The specialists here in the U.S. commented on the great care 
that Randy had received while in critical condition at CostamedThe Physicians and staff at Costamed 
saved Randy’s life and we will ever be so grateful to them. 
Four months later, I took Randy back to Costamed to meet and thank the wonderful team of Physicians 
and nurses that saved his life. We all had many tears and a happy reunion.  While we were there, Randy 
proposed to me.  We have been married for over a year now. Randy is back helping others, as a Captain 
for the Garland Fire Department in Texas. Life is good, God is Great and we can’t thank Costamed 
enough for our happy ending!  
Randy and Cindy Baker 
Garland, Texas 

Oct. 8, 2016
Dear Andrea,
At just past the first anniversary of our unexpected visit to Cozumel and our stay at your wonderful hospital, we would like to again say thank you to you and all your staff for the care you gave us. Ellen(Joyce) has healed well from her surgery with no complications. You folks were literally a life saver. You made a possible bad time into something we constantly brag about.
THANK YOU again,
Ellen (Joyce) & David Bass
Fort Worth, TX

I would like to commend all persons involved in my care at costamed this week. I, unfortunately, don’t remember everyone’s names, but some that went above and beyond were Andrea sekula, señor Casanova, misses Claudia and Karen, dr Roberto, nurses victor, Abigail, Sarah, and Ana, and the other numerous doctors and nurses that were so helpful to me and to my mom. I have never felt so well cared for by a team of medical professionals. Dr Segovia is a truly compassionate man and even though I was quite sick, always made me feel at ease.

Being in the hospital wasn’t my first choice for a vacation, but I am so very grateful to the entire staff of Costamed. Such a beautiful hospital. We will come back (but only to visit).

Thank you! Gracias!!!! Mucho gracias!!!

Carli Robles
Jeanine Medley

I wanted to thank her for the absolute best treatment that I have ever seen from a hospital. It’s a shame that I had to come all the way to Cozumel to find it.
When Jessica was injured, I was very worried about what I would need to do to ensure that she would be cared for and to not miss the Carnival ship’s departure from port.
I can say that the staff at COSTAMED was absolutely wonderful! I also would like to thank the folks at SeaTrek Cozumel for their kindness and consideration and I also appreciate their help with the medical expenses. I was very concerned about how that would be handled. I cannot thank them enough and they can guarantee my repeat business.
Claudia, you were a comfort to me while I was there and I can’t thank you enough. As a follow-up, Jessica returned home and was seen by our physician and it was confirmed that she had a High-ankle sprain and has since recovered nicely.
God bless you all and thank you again.
David Evangelista

Costamed was great.  Your efforts, Andrea, went a long way to quickly raising our level of confidence as we came into an unknown situation. The entire staff was outstanding. Dr. Martin’s care and advice and his concern for Marsha’s follow up care back home is much appreciated.

The care and treatment at Costamed stabilized Marsha well. The calming influence of all of the hands-on caregivers went a long way in treating both Marsha and I. We were prepared to have the surgery at Costamed if circumstances required it and trusted that all would have gone well. With the diagnostic workup and the potential for long term care and recovery, we were glad we could get home for the surgery, although our family might regret missing a Cozumel vacation and a great meal at the Mission restaurant.

We know that the medical care every step of the way was a blessing, so a situation that couldn’t have been much worse– crisis at sea 24 hours from any hospital, treatment in a hospital far from home, and medical evac home–has been an inspirational experience instead of a series of tragedies. Thank you again, and please share our appreciation with everyone who helped.

Dave and Marsha

Tampa,  Florida


Dear Costamed, 
I am writing this to say THANK YOU to everyone involved in treating my husband Sheldon 
Derck while we were on vacation on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. Everyone was so kind to us 
and did everything possible to help us through this terrifying experience of a heart attack. 
First of all, when we arrived, my husband was taken back to be examined and of course it 
was very difficult due to the language barrier of English to Spanish and then Spanish to 
English, but then along comes Andrea to the rescue. Andrea Sekula was so helpful to the 
both of us in explaining the situation which of course was not good. My husband and I had 
NO idea that things were as bad as they were. Andrea assured us that the Cardiologist at 
Costamed was one of the best and would be able to help my husband, and boy was she 
correct. Dr. Moguel was awesome! He is such a kind doctor and was very up front about my 
husbands condition and made sure we understood exactly what was going on and what 
needed to be done to correct the situation. I am so thankful to him for taking such good 
care of my husband! We even got to go for a walk one day with him outside the hospital 
after my husband was doing better. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Moguel (or Dr. 
Raffa and he said to call him) as my husband’s doctor and that I was able to go home with 
my husband alive and kicking instead of as a widow. Thanks Dr. Raffa! 
I also need to say THANKS to Karen Gonzalez V and also Claudia from Patient Services. I 
don’t know what I would have done without them! They helped me so much during such a 
difficult situation. I was far from home and had no one to go to for help, or so I thought, but 
they were there for me and helped me with everything, from assuring me that everything 
was going to be OK, finding a hotel (which was quite difficult because of the Ironman 
Competition), Taxi rides, storing luggage and the list goes on and on. I don’t know what I 
would have done without those two compassionate ladies! They were my FAMILY while I 
was in Cozumel and I am so grateful to them both! They go above and beyond in their 
responsibilities! Please give them a raise! 
And then there was Casanova (Tranqulino Casanova Farfan) who was the Security/Host. 
The first day we arrived, he was there doing his job as usual. We did not have much 
interaction. But the second day I arrived, he saw me and remembered me from the previous 
day. He came to me and asked me about my husband and we talked and he escorted me 
back to my husband in ICU. From then on, we became friends and he was always so willing 
to talk with me about my husband. I looked forward to seeing his friendly face daily. We 
chatted many times during my visits to see my husband and he was always so kind and 
helpful. It was nice to have another friend to talk to during my husbands stay at your 
The staff that cared for my husband were also very kind and really tried to help us in 
understanding what was going on and even though we had a hard time communicating 
because of not knowing each other’s language, they always tried to make us understand, 
even if that meant going and finding someone else to help. 
Thanks from the bottom of my heart and also my husbands for all you did for us! 
Stacey and Sheldon Derck 
Shamokin, PA 

Dear Staff at CostaMed Hospital,


Doug and I would like to sincerely thank you for helping us through one of the most difficult times….maybe the most difficult time… of our lives.  The treatment that both Doug and I got on different fronts was the best that we could have received.


To Dr. Moguel…thank you for your excellent cardiac care, for your personal touch, and for taking the time to explain things to us until we understood and for answering our many questions. We felt totally confident in your treatment and your answers and told our families and friends many times what a high opinion we had of you as a doctor and as a person who truly wanted the best for Doug.  A cardiologist here in Canada viewed the video of the work you did in Doug’s heart and reiterated our opinion by saying that you did an excellent job of the angioplasty and that he completely agrees with your reasons for not putting stents in Doug’s heart. We appreciated your personal touch and the honest conversations that you had with us! Thank you so much for your excellent work and moving Doug out of the critical state that he was in!  Our family is eternally grateful!


To Claudia….Thank you so much for your understanding ways and your kind smile!  I have told you this before and I will say it again….you saved me during those first few days! You helped me navigate my way through a foreign medical system with the many problems that that can bring! Every time I turned around with another problem, you magically appeared to help me!  You had the answers, the new ideas I hadn’t thought of, and a calmness about you that were all very necessary to my sanity!! Thank you so, so much!!


To Andrea….Thank you Andrea for always taking the time to talk to Doug and I when when we were unsure of things, when we needed a translator, or reassurance from a fellow “Canadian”! Thank you also for taking the time to see us when we came back to the hospital with more questions, or problems.  We felt very well cared for by you!


To Tranquilino….the security guard/host. Thank you for your friendliness and for always taking an interest in how Doug was doing! Thank you for explaining to us how things worked behind the scenes at the hospital, why certain things were being done, hailing taxis, and all of your advice!


To the “Cashiers”….Thank you also for your friendly ways and for buying me Burger King close to midnight on my first evening there when I was so hungry and had no idea where to get food from!


To “Costamed Hospital” in general…. Thank you for taking such good care of Doug and I.  The plan you have in place to help international families is excellent! Your “care team” consists of some of the kindest and most helpful people that we have ever met. The use of your international phone line was invaluable to me! Your health care and professional staff are amazing! Your hospital is so well taken care of and kept so clean. We have told many people that we, here in Canada, have a lot to learn from the people that we met at your hospital!


Overall, thank you for everything! Doug is feeling great and we are so thankful that we still have a “husband” and a “dad” at our house!  We will never forget you!


Doug and Wendy Toews