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At COSTAMED, we take great pride in providing our patients with unparalleled healthcare services. We’re confident that COSTAMED provides the best value and is the best choice for your medical care. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with COSTAMED.

When my husband became seriously ill while on our Disney Cruise ship vacation, we were told we would have to be taken to a hospital in Cozumel by ambulance. This was an extremely overwhelming idea to myself and my family to be sent to a hospital in Mexico.

When we arrived at Costamed Hospital, they took immediate care of John and comforted me, also informing me at all times what was going on. Andrea and Karen and Casanova were a great comfort to family and myself. I was very amazed how the doctors gave such good one on one care to my husband, and my family, right down to even taking us to the radiology department to explain the images of my husband’s CT scan showing the pneumonia he was suffering from.

The hospital is totally clean, neat, modern and very well maintained. The nursing staff is excellent, everybody has gone out of their way and beyond to comfort and make sure all was going well during our stay. We would like to make also a special mention also of the care respiratory therapist Lalo provided to John.

Dr. Castillo my husband’s treating physician and Dr. Reyes while he was in ICU, were both fabulous and their professionalism was top notch, we never had to wait to know what was going on.

We both recommend not to worry if you become ill while on a cruise, or vacation in Cozumel and to please know you are in the very best hands at Costamed Hospital.

John and Janet

Enfield, Connecticut



When I started having signs and symptoms of decompression illness about 1 hour after finishing diving, my wife was very apprehensive to attend a hospital in Mexico, but finally the decision was made by my two physician sons in the USA and they  said I must go to a hospital, so our next step was to call DAN (Divers Alert Network). Scott Smith of DAN was extremely helpful and informative! He directed us to go straight to Costamed Hospital, the DAN preferred provider in Cozumel.

Upon arrival to Costamed hospital, I was admitted immediately without ZERO delays, which we would have never experienced in the United States. Dr. Dario Gomez attended to us immediately and after a very thorough assessment admitted me to the hyperbaric chamber for my first 5 hour treatment and admitted me overnight for observation. The next morning, I was assessed very early and readmitted to the hyperbaric chamber for a second shorter treatment duration. Afterwards, I was assessed and was able to be discharged back to my hotel.

My wife and I must mention the warm, attentive, efficient staff and highly competent level of care and English were beyond our expectations.

We highly recommend Costamed Hospital and hyperbaric services for any medical needs while in Cozumel! The care is just as good, if not better than anything we have received in the State of California.

Dr. Walter and Meg Thomas

San Diego, California

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-27 at 11.16.32

Erin Jelke

A family vacation in Cozumel, Mexico gone awry has left a life-long impact on one Cascade family’s lives, leaving them inspired to raise funds and awareness as a result of their experience.

Erin Jelke, now 24 years old, suffered a stroke at 23 while vacationing at their family timeshare in Cozumel in March with her mother, Diane Jelke. Their father had planned to join them but was unable to due to a death in the family.

The stroke had originally left the entire right side of her body paralyzed, but thanks to help from doctors and modern technology at Costamed, a hospital in Cozumel, they were able to reverse the paralysis and, aside from affecting her penmanship, she was able to make a full recovery.

“That whole hospital was very invested in Erin, making sure she got better,” Jelke said. “We are in forever debt to that hospital.”

Jelke called an ambulance and as they were in Mexico, the medical professionals did not speak English. She said that neighbors had advised her to go to the hospital, Costamed, as it is contracted by all the cruise lines throughout the Caribbean.

After some arguing, Jelke finally convinced ambulance personnel to take her daughter to the hospital she requested. All the doctors at Costamed are trained in America and speak English, which made it easier for Jelke to communicate.
Erin Jelke remained in the hospital in Cozumel for four days. When she returned to the United States, she had two more procedures at the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center.

Jelke’s mother felt so thankful for the medical attention they received in Mexico, she wanted to do something to give back.

Originally, Jelke and her daughter were planning to attend a stroke walk in Cincinnati and attempted to get their entire family involved.

As person by person dropped out of going, Jelke made the decision to bring the walk to them for the inaugural “Erin’s Walk in the Park.”

The 5K walk took place at Cascade Park on Sunday, Sept. 17. Jelke spent about six weeks planning the event and the family was able to bring in sponsors, donors and more than 100 participants in the walk.

“It meant a lot to us to see the people who all came out,” Jelke said.

The Jelkes were able to raise nearly $2,600 for the National Stroke Association but more importantly for Diane Jelke, they were able to raise awareness about the symptoms of a stroke.

“I sat across from her, I watched her have a stroke,” Jelke said. “My first thought was ‘That’s what someone looks like when they’re having a stroke.’ My second thought was ‘She’s 23, she can’t be having a stroke.'”
Jelke stressed that despite the fact that her daughter was an athlete and the “picture of health,” anyone can fall victim to a stroke.

“This is something that’s really important…People need to know the symptoms,” she said.

Jelke hopes to host another walk next year and plans to visit Costamed in December with her daughter to bring them shirts from the walk with the hospital’s name on the back.

Original note


The first right step I made, upon feeling symptoms of decompression, was to call DAN (Diver’s Alert Network), who advised me to attend Costamed Hospital as it is their preferred provider. Actually, they specifically advised us to not go anywhere else. DAN had already alerted the hospital and the hyperbaric medical team of Costamed.


Upon arrival, they were expecting me and had me in the emergency room within two minutes. Every single personal we encountered was friendly, attentive, concerned and very caring, this would just not happen in a US hospital.


Dr. Dario Gomez arrived very quickly and I instantly felt at ease during his knowledgeable evaluation. I was transferred to the hyperbaric chamber within minutes and he explained all the things I would experience. The tender named, Mary Cruz was so attentive and sweet to my needs, and it sure was helpful to have Netflix movies available.


After a comfortable nights sleep, Dr. Gomez came in and evaluated me and thankfully said I may discharge from the hospital! Also the cleanliness of this hospital is superb, far above what you would encounter in a US hospital. Overall I would give Costamed hospital and hyperbaric services a 10/10 rating.


Leslie Butler

Ft Myers Florida
IMG_9461 IMG_9459

I have been diving for 28 years and have never had the bends before. When I got home from diving on Thursday and felt I may have the skin bends; I contacted my friend Andrea Sukula who works at CMC and asked her what she thought of my symptoms. She contacted Dr Gomez and had him meet me at the hospital for immediate assessment. I am very glad I did as it was not just the skin bends but neurological decompression sickness requiring 4:45 hrs in the hyperbaric chamber.

I am not a medical professional OR been in a chamber before Thursday night….but I have been in Toronto hospitals many many times for surgeries and the care I got at CMC was outstanding. From my initial assessment (and post follow-up) with Dr Gomez to my tender David and chamber operator Eric and then the doctor and nurses watching me overnight…everything was very professional.

I am a resident of Cozumel, not a tourist and CMC is my hospital of choice and I will now keep seeing Dr Gomez going forward as my family doctor. I am also thankful I had DAN insurance as they covered all costs.

Betty Li
Cozumel, Mexico

Who would have ever thought that this getaway to a small Caribbean island, Cozumel would cause me to be looking into so many faces, here at the Costamed Hospital where so many people have touched me.

Looking into their faces and knowing the pride that they exhibit and the service they have done for me, correcting my mistake and thus saving my life. Costamed Cozumel will always be a special place in my heart. I can’t think of a better hospital than Costamed for their services, specialities, care, dedication and pride while performing their mission.

I am from Mississippi and there is no comparison of any hospital there with Costamed. In fact, I have been a patient of the Mayo Clinic and this hospital stands as tall as Mayo Clinic. I will be forever grateful for it being here and their people who saved my life.

I would like to extend my thanks to the following people: Dr. David Alcazar and Dr. Kristell Pastrana of the ER department. Dr. Alain Rosine, Dr. Oscar Reyes and Dr. Karla Reyes of the ICU department. Dr. Rodrigo Castillo and Dr. Dario Gomez for the care during the remainder of my hospital stay. Further I would like to thank Andrea Sekula the international patient liaison and all the wonderful caring nursing staff.

Chuck McRae

Former Presiding Mississippi
Supreme Court Justice

This message is well overdue but I wanted to send a very well deserved note of recognition for the fine people at Costa Med.  My brother and I were on a family cruise with our family and parents this past Thanksgiving on Freedom of the Seas.  What was supposed to be a magical week turned into a nightmare when my mom began having stroke like symptoms.  On Wed morning, we took her to the infirmary and the doctor ordered her to the local hospital in Cozumel.  You can imagine how incredibly frightening and unnerving this was for all of us.  We were in a foreign country with many fears of the quality of care we would encounter at the hospital, how long would we be there, and when would we be able to reunite with the rest of our family.


My brother and I accompanied mom in the ambulance to Costa Med.  Little did we know that this hospital was the main receiving hospital for the cruise ships.  Once we arrived, one of the first people we spoke with was Andrea Sekula.  I could not put enough words into this message to compliment her enough for how phenomenal she was.  She was commanding amongst the chaos yet sympathetic to our situation and overall, just made us feel very comfortable with what was happening.  She is fantastic at what she does in so many ways and would be a steal for any hospital in the US.  She is quite an asset to your team.


We also worked with Karen Gonzalez and her partner in Patient Services.  Wow, they were so caring and accommodating and did whatever they could to make our stay and the logistics behind our travels to be a smooth as possible.  I was blown away by their concern and commitment to helping us.  In addition, not sure if Tranquilino is a part of that same group, but he deserves as much recognition as anyone.  What a fantastic human being who showed us nothing but care and concern the entire 3 days we were there.  He is who I would want interacting with my customers.


I must also compliment Dr. Moguel, Dr. Rodriguez, and Dr Ulises.  I felt at times that the level of knowledge and expertise these doctors displayed rivaled that of any hospital in the US.  I was especially impressed with Dr. Moguel and his passion for cardiology and the stories he shared about his career and the innovative procedures he brought to healthcare.  I would feel extremely comfortable if he was the only thing that stood between me and death.  I’d like my chances!


Costa Med has a very good thing going.  All of these folks deserve recognition and I ask that you continue to invest in your people and facilities so that families, like mine, who have the unfortunate reality of something like this happening will have the pleasant surprise of the care, compassion, and expertise that lies beyond the doors at Costa Med.


With much appreciation,

John Caruso

Pittsburgh, PA

To The Staff at Costamed: 

What a wonderful, caring and educated staff at Costamed Hospital! In January, 2015, the man I was 
dating, Randy Baker, suffered three massive heart attacks on a Princess cruise in the middle of the Gulf 
of Mexico.  While the ship was being diverted to Cozumel, Dr. Moguel with Costamed, provided orders via 
internet that helped provide the critical and intensive care that was needed to sustain his life while still on 
the cruise ship.  
Once arriving in Cozumel on life support, the winded international patient liaison, Andrea Sekula, whom 
had run from her home to the hospital when she heard the Code 3 coming in, Dr. Moguel, who is by far 
the best cardiologist in the world, Dr. Orobio (ER doc) all waiting, took charge and had Randy to the cath 
lab within 10 minutes. With tears flowing, phone calls coming in from Randy’s family in the States I 
waited. Dr. Moguel opened up his LAD, still 100% blocked even though they tried to thrombolyze him on 
the ship.  Dr. Rubio, the anesthesiologist was exhausted from ambu-bagging Randy through the whole 
procedure to keep his 02 saturation up. He was finally stabilized once they were able to transfer him to 
the ICU and placed on their modified ventilator. Dr. Reyes, who spent many nights sleeping in ICU with 
Randy and other wonderful physicians and staff that provided critical and excellent care needed over the 
course of ten days that resulted in saving Randy’s life. Randy had aspirated during the intubation on the 
ship, which was the biggest problem. They were fighting pneumonia and with having only one kidney, it 
took a large hit from such low blood pressure for so long. 
Those ten days were some of the most intense and stressful days that his children and I have ever gone 
through. However, without a doubt, we feel that Randy would not have lived if this would have happened 
at any other place, including the U.S. hospitals. Dr. Moguel used an instrument to place the stents in 
Randy that had not been approved in the U.S. at that time. This probably saved his life. The staff 
communicated with us regularly and continuously gave detailed information of what was going on and 
what to expect in the upcoming days. The physicians and nurses never left Randy’s side and provided the 
most outstanding individualized care. Once Randy was stable enough to be air ambulanced back to the 
U.S., Dr. Reyes did everything possible to make sure the transition went smoothly and that Randy’s 
health status was communicated properly. Once arriving in the U.S., Dr. Reyes, Dr. Moguel and Andrea 
kept in touch with us on Randy’s progress. The specialists here in the U.S. commented on the great care 
that Randy had received while in critical condition at CostamedThe Physicians and staff at Costamed 
saved Randy’s life and we will ever be so grateful to them. 
Four months later, I took Randy back to Costamed to meet and thank the wonderful team of Physicians 
and nurses that saved his life. We all had many tears and a happy reunion.  While we were there, Randy 
proposed to me.  We have been married for over a year now. Randy is back helping others, as a Captain 
for the Garland Fire Department in Texas. Life is good, God is Great and we can’t thank Costamed 
enough for our happy ending!  
Randy and Cindy Baker 
Garland, Texas