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Some questions which we common receive

 COSTAMED is the principal hospital group in the Riviera Maya, and always are able to help you also in the sunny vacations days.

Is this a safe hospital for foreign people?
Of course, our Hospital Group has different national and international certifications regarding patient safety. To see our certifications, click here.
Do you accept international insurance?

We have patients from all over the world with different insurance companies and different types of coverage.

We help our patients coordinate with their insurance providers to guarantee payment in their name.

For more information, click here.

Do you accept payment in dollars or another coin?
If your payment is cash, you can do it in Mexican pesos or American dollars.  We take credit cards and the charge is made in pesos equivalent to the American dollar exchange rate of the day.
I need medical assistance in this moment, What can I do?
We are always at your service.  You can contact us through our CALL CENTER by dialing 01.800.900.1133 or +52.987.121.1424 Message
Where can I buy my medicines in Mexico?

At our hospitals, we have a Pharmacy open to the general public where we can fill your prescription.  We only sell retail.  If you wish to quote your medication call 01.800.900.1133

If I already have an illnes and I want to be tended by you, What can I do?
If you are traveling and you are worried about a relapse or of needing ER attention, we are always available.  You can request a hotel consultation at 01.800.900.1133 If you wish to quote a surgery or studies, please contact us at info@costamed.icwd.co
Do you aply injections?
Yes, we apply injections as long as you have a prescription written by a medical professional.   If you need medication, you will need to present a prescription.  We suggest you call in advance to guarantee we have the medication in stock. Call 01.800.900.1133
Do you have X Rays, Tomography or Magnetic Resonance?

It is true COSTAMED has state of the art technology for diagnostic imaging.  Please visit our web page on imaging to see what each of our locations has to offer.

More information here.

Which specialties do you have available?
Of course you can consult a specialist while you enjoy your vacation.  All you need to do is make an appointment in advance by contacting us at info@costamed.icwd.co or at 01.800.900.1133
If I am in a hotel, Can I receive medical attention in my room?

Every day, we help many tourists who are in need of medical attention.  Call 01.800.900.1133 to request a physician for a hotel consultation.  If you have insurance please mention it, though it will be necessary for you to cover the fees and then file for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Some insurance companies can cover your consultation fee, so when you call our CALL CENTER, ask if your insurance applies.

Our CALL CENTER is at 01.800.900.1133 and +52.987.121.1424, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Message

Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes, we take VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. The charge is made in pesos equivalent to the American dollar exchange rate of the day.

Besides english, Do you speak another languaje?
Our staff and the majority of our specialists speak English, but we can also provide assistance in other languages such as French, Portuguese, German and Japanese among others through our expert translators.