A woman’s journey through life is marked by profound physical and psychological passages, from the time she begins menstruating to the point where she surpasses childbearing-age and enters menopause.




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COSTAMED cares for women through every stage of transition, whether supporting a healthy pregnancy, diagnosing and treating uterine cancer or easing the transition to menopause. Our team-based care philosophy ensures your concerns will be heard, understood and treated appropriately.

  • Nutritional assessment of hospitalized patients
  • Consultation with hospitalized patients requested by treating physician
  • Clinical Nutrition Consultation; attention to specific pathologies such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemias, etc.
  • Weight control check
  • Evaluation of diets prescribed by nursing staff
  • Review of diets indicated to each hospitalized patient
  • Pediatric Nutrition Consultations
  • Nutritional support for the bariatric surgery patient
  • Nutritional support for the gastric balloon procedure patient
  • Specialists in sports nutrition