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At COSTAMED, we take great pride in providing our patients with unparalleled healthcare services. We’re confident that COSTAMED provides the best value and is the best choice for your medical care. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with COSTAMED.

I was admitted to your hospital from the Carnival Valor ship and spent 5 days at your hospital. From the bottom of my heart I cannot say THANK YOU to all of you for your kindness and professionalism. From the moment we arrived until we left every single person at your hospital treated us so well. My husband and I sincerely appreciate all of you and wish you all the very best.
Ann Landry

I was admitted to COSTAMED last week for Decompression Sickness after a week of diving in Cozumel. Although you never plan to go to the Emergency Room during a vacation, the staff at COSTAMED immediately put me at ease and I felt that I was in the hands of caring professionals. The staffs worked smoothly with my dive insurance provider (DAN) and were expecting me when I arrived. Every step of diagnosis and treatment was clearly explained to me in English (my native language). I was also met by COSTAMED’s International Patient Liaison, Andrea Sekula, who insured that I understood everything about the admissions and treatment process. Dr. Dario Gomez was fantastic and at every step in the treatment and release, including discharge instructions. The paramedics that ran the hyperbaric chamber were professional and friendly as was every doctor, nurse and staff involved in my overnight stay. The hospital was clean and very comfortable I can’t possibly express how pleased I was from beginning to end. Thank you for making a very unpleasant situation turn out so positively.

Steven Higgs

My wife and I would like to share our deep appreciation for the service and support given to us by your International Patient Liaison Representative, Ms Andrea Sekula. Millie had to undergo emergency surgery for necrotic bowels. Doctor Martin saved her life and brought her through an induced coma. I was overwhelmed by the severity of her condition and how to deal with our tenuous financial situation in a foreign country. 
Andrea provided invaluable information and the support services needed to deal with also the bill for our medical services. She walked us through how to transfer funds into our account. Andrea also worked very hard to obtain admission to a hospital in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and the required air ambulance services. Andrea was by my wife’s side during the whole transfer activity. 
We shall always appreciate the excellent medical care Millie received at Costamed from all its staff, and especially the services of Ms. Andrea Sekula. 
Thank you, 
Don and Millie Ward 

I was admitted to Costamed from the Cruise Ship Carnival Freedom after falling ill with an acute Kidney Infection. The doctors quickly performed the appropriate tests to determine the seriousness of my illness and gave me medications to stabilize me until I could return to Houston for further medical care. I was well fed, kept comfortable with pain meds, and when I was lucid enough to discuss my illness with the medical staff, felt that they discussed by options with me in a manner to recognize my own medical knowledge as a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist of 33 years. I was allowed to watch my ultrasound and discuss the findings with the doctor as the procedure was being done. I appreciate the transparency of the staff and the professional care that I received. There were two other people that made my stay comfortable and especially helped my sister who had been thrust into a caretaker position. Andrea Sekula, the International Patient Liason was key in making sure that we knew everything that was going on and was able to translate into English when needed (although most staff spoke a little English). Thank you Andrea for Everything! Also our Concierge Romero was essential in calming my sister while I was sedated, and provided means for her to leave the hospital and have some fun while I was receiving treatment. In summary, for having to have an emergency admit in the middle of my vacation, I do not think I could have landed at a better spot than Costa Med. Thank you again, Terry Madsen, Bountiful, Utah, USA

Words cannot describe the care and compassion that I received at Costamed Hospital in Cozumel. The professionalism of the staff was unbelievable.
Dr. Moguel, you and your staff not only saved my life but went above and beyond what I have ever experienced in hospital care. The way you looked after my family, the constant consultations and the comforting you showed my wife was second to none. The warmth and care the staff gave me for two weeks still leaves me speechless as I cannot accurately describe how great they made me feel. When nurses and doctors came into my room they all made sure that I was comfortable and would stay and talk for a few minutes. In the hall, they all said hello and some even came up and gave me a hug.
This facility is what medical hospitals and clinics should model themselves after. Special thank-you to Andrea for making my wife comfortable during all of the procedures performed on me plus the business part and paperwork that needed to be done.
Myself and my family are truly thankful and hope to say thank you in person again someday in a non- medical way!
From the bottom of my repaired heart…THANK YOU!!!
Wayne Askin and family
Gowanstown, Ontario, Canada

Today was a good day I got out of the hospital after a week, last week I hurt my back so I went to see the Dr. here at CMC after taking some pain pills he put me in the hospital on Morphine IV. then went in for a MRI and found a compressed disk 4 & 5 , but the Morphine was messing with my brain, they brought in 2 more Drs.and found a problem with my hart, I took a CT scan and the main artery to my hart ( widow maker) all most 100% plugged so the surgeon came back to the room with me and explained everything, I asked him when would be a good time to take care of this and fix it and he said now would be a good time do it, 2 hr. later in was in getting a couple of stents and the balloon to open the artery , when he opened the balloon he said there would be pain and boy there was, then it hit me that was the exact pain I had 2 times this fall thinking it was heartburn, well now I know, my little back pain saved my life; take heed my friends, my back pain is gone today. Three months later I’m down 35 lb. my back is great with just core exercise and my heart very good. I would like to thank Andrea for the help with insurance and Medicare and a special thanks to Dr. Rafa Moguel who did the surgery.


Steve Petersen

My husband suffered a stroke while in Cozumel. We were extremely happy with the care he received at CMC. The hospital was modern with up to date equipment, exceptionally clean, and the staff was excellent and very attentive. Dr. Rafael was a treasure. We are at a loss to mention any negatives.

Alyne Lacombre

My husband Benjamin Fred Christian, became ill on a RC cruise recently. Had to be taken by ambulance to CMC on 1/12/18. We were both devasted and even more so when we were told we could not return to ship and had to be admitted. We were in totally unfamiliar country and did not know what to expect. I was almost hysterical and in walks Andrea Sekula. She was amazing and somehow managed to calm me down. She along with all of her staff were such a huge part of turning this frightening situation into a much more tolerable one. Andrea and Mr Casanova were there for us what ever we needed and answering our many questions. Mr C. Took me to the Baldwin House and helped in so many ways. The entire patient care team as well as the entire hospital staff and doctors were so attentive, patient with us and so very sweet and professional. The hospital was amazingly clean. My husband improved and we were allowed to fly home on the following Tuesday.
He is doing
well and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the medical care as well as the personal assistance we received in your facility

Sandra christian