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About Cozumel

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Cozumel is just 30 miles from north to south and 10 miles from east to west, so you can easily explore the island on your visit. But within its sandy borders, there is so much to fall in love with.

On average, the island stays around a blissful 80 degrees. The summers are slightly warmer, ranging in the mid 80s to 90s and the winters cool to the mid 70s. It’s always a beach day in Cozumel, as the water ranges from a warm 77 to 82 degrees throughout the year.

Cozumel is home to the largest reef system in the Americas, the Mesoamerican Reef. Teeming with hundreds of tropical fish, turtles and other vibrant sea life, it is truly a diver’s dream. But even if you don’t explore down into the depths of the ocean, there is much to see for snorkelers too. There are as many as 250 different species of tropical fish including the queen angelfish and the illusive toadfish, seen nowhere else in the world.

Above the sparkling surface of the water, the trees are speckled with frigate birds, brown pelicans, olivaceous cormorants and others. If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of a tree frog, a crocodile or the prehistoric iguana resting in the lush vegetation.

Cozumel is a vibrant land steeped in rich history, an island whose beauty stretches far beyond its spectacular shores. Cozumel is a world-famous dive site and you will see that reflected in the multitude of dive shops and boats in our harbor. Visitors to Cozumel come back year after year to enjoy the tranquil oasis the island offers and abundant warm welcomes around every corner. Indeed Cozumel is well known for its friendly people and open arms – it is truly a destination like no other.

300 A.D. is when the first Mayans settled on the island and Cozumel became a site for religious pilgrimages, as many women came to pay homage to the fertility goddess, Ixchel. Since then, Cozumel has became one of the most important sanctuaries in the Yucatan region, where the Mayan influence still can be seen today.


For shopping, diving, tour and restaurant visits –

Please visit the official Tourism webpage of Cozumel: www.cozumel.travel