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About Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen was originally a small fishing town. Tourism to Playa del Carmen began with the passenger ferry service to Cozumel. It did not take long for visitors to realize that some of the best beaches and vibes in Mexico were to be found in Playa. While passing through, many people realized that it was a nice place to relax away from the crowds of Cancun, but with better quality beaches and turquoise waters. While its salt water scuba diving cannot compete with Cozumel, for the adventurous, Playa del Carmen’s fresh water Cenote diving more than makes up for it.

Playa del Carmen, or just “Playa,” has one of the most laid-back main steets in the Americas. Avenida La Quinta, or “Fifth Avenue” is all pedestrian for 2 miles, a line of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops that can be walked without fear of cars. The restaurants to the north, in the neighborhood of Little Italy, are of exceptional value. This area has undergone rapid development over the past few years with many new luxury residential condominium buildings, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues.

Playa is a stop for several cruise ships which dock at the nearby Costa Maya quarry docks, about six miles south of the city. The Xcaret Eco Park, a Mexican-themed “eco-archaeological park,” is a popular tourist destination located just south of the town in Xcaret (pronounced “shkar-et”). The Playa del Carmen local community and government have attempted to retain Playa del Carmen’s reputation and charm as a small fishing village and artists’ colony, without it becoming as large and metropolitan as Cancún. And, they have succeeded.

For shopping, diving, tour and restaurant visits –

Please visit the official Tourism webpage of Playa del Carmen: http://www.rivieramaya.com/