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Welcome to Patient Services

Our goal is to provide a high standard of healthcare to patients with courtesy and efficiency.

Our Admission Guide seeks to answer questions that are commonly asked by our patients and visitors. It provides details on procedures and processes that may take place pre-admission, during a patient’s stay and upon his/her discharge.

At COSTAMED, we put our patients first. Our highly-skilled staff members are committed to making our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. We encourage our patients to speak with their doctor or any member of their care team if they have any questions or concerns during their stay at COSTAMED.

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A Guide to Our Patient Services

Patient Guide:

Learn more about what to expect before, during and after your stay with us, as well as necessary items to bring to the hospital.
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International Patient Services:

The dedicated members of our International Patient Services division go above and beyond to ensure a seamless medical travel experience for our patients.
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Visitors Guide:

Find out more about being a visitor at COSTAMED. We welcome all visitors, but urge you to read through the details so your visit with us…
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Cruise Services:

COSTAMED is dedicated to helping the cruise industry provide a safe, healthy, secure and caring ship environment. We have provided…
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Business Services:

Our goal is to provide the most compassionate, convenient and efficient medical and dental services for your Employees and Customers.
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Payments and Financing:

We provide a range of fixed packages for a wide variety of treatments and will be happy to provide a quotation.
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Billing and Insurance:

COSTAMED accepts most forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards, travelers checks…
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