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The heart care practice at COSTAMED is one of the broadest and largest in Mexico. Patients have access to cardiologists in our clinics and laboratories who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of more than 120 cardiovascular diseases and conditions.

COSTAMED is a leader in cardiac healthcare, offering patients access to a full spectrum of cardiothoracic and cardiovascular services. Our highly-trained physicians provide care for patients with cardiovascular disease, including disorders of the heart, arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels.

Our COSTAMED team of physicians emphasizes an integrated approach to healthcare, which is why our cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeons work closely with doctors and colleagues in cardiovascular diseases, vascular medicine, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology/hepatology, hematology, oncology and many other specialty areas.

New diagnostic techniques, drugs and interventions are continuously being introduced into cardiology and vascular medicine. The expertise of COSTAMED’s physicians enables the entire Cardiovascular Diseases Division to stay at the forefront of innovation in cardiology and vascular medicine.


Cardiovascular diseases treated and treatments available include:

  • Pacemakers
  • Therapeutic Catheterization